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Pilates on the floor and on virtual devices via ZOOM and on video

The Expression Pilates studio offers you the opportunity to practice Pilates on the floor and on Reformer devices in a group or privately, virtually via the zoom application and offline by watching recorded videos of the lessons.

Group sessions


Floor sessions are practiced on a mat and allow the principles of Pilates to be integrated, sometimes using small accessories, such as small and large balls, rollers and rubber bands. You will build core and abdominal strength and can then practice the exercises at home. About ten participants will be present at the same time as you, remotely.


The sessions on devices allow a progression adapted to the needs of each one. Devices can either assist the movement to make it easier or make it more difficult by increasing resistance or instability. The muscles of the arms and legs can be worked more easily by using the straps to add resistance to the movement. The devices used for group classes are Reformers. 

Private or semi-private sessions

Private sessions have the advantage of being better suited to your needs. Having the full attention of the instructor on your movements, you will benefit from better corrections.  Also, we pre-record a video of your class that you can practice at home.  This video will be available to you for 3 months.  

If you have health problems limiting your movements, we recommend private sessions to avoid injuries by performing inappropriate movements.  The virtual having its limits, it is possible, depending on your health condition, that we recommend that you follow private sessions, in person, in another studio, before taking virtual lessons. 

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