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Pilates Instructor Longueuil

Pilates instructor

Floor and appliances

Sylvie has a bachelor's degree from Concordia University in Contemporary Dance and she is passionate about movement. It was dance that first led her to practice Pilates as a complementary form of training. Then, interested in going further in her mastery and knowledge of Pilates, she trained as a floor instructor and then on apparatus, at Ann McMillan Pilates. She then worked at Ann McMillan's studio for a year before creating Studio Expression Pilates in January 2014. Pilates is for her a source of well-being, health and pleasure that she wishes to share with you. through his teaching. In addition, her ten years of practice in massage therapy have made her aware of the importance of preventing musculoskeletal injuries. She considers Pilates to be one of the best techniques for this.

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