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Online Pilates mat Classes

Online level courses open to all.  You can participate live via the zoom application or do the course offline by watching the recorded video, at any time during the week.  You can watch the video as many times as you want during the session.

Fall 2023 schedule

From September 11 to December 11, 2023 (14 weeks)

Monday 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.


14 sessions once a week $140

A la carte 2 sessions $25

Equipment needed

  • Yoga mat (preferably 1cm or more)

  • Medium size towel

  • Elastic Theraband (or dressing gown belt)

  • Swiss ball (55 cm to 60 cm depending on your height)

  • Pilates Ball (19cm)

  • Roll (36 inches)

  • Yoga block or half roll

NB: It is not necessary to have all these accessories from the start of the session. You can get them for an approximate value of $100

Pilates on the ground Longueuil


To participate in a live online class, you need one of the following devices: 

  • A computer with webcam 

  • a tablet with integrated camera, 

  • your cell phone.

Optional additions:

  • A webcam could be hooked up to your computer, allowing the camera to be moved back so your instructor can see you better.

  • A TV screen that you can plug your computer, tablet or phone into, so you can see the instructor bigger.  Note that the screen of a cell phone is small. If you can hook it up to a bigger screen, with an HDMI cable and adapter,  this will allow you to better see the exercises.

For tablets and cell phones, you must install the zoom cloud meeting application.

For computers, when you click on the zoom link, you will be offered a brief installation. You can do it by following the given steps.

Log in a little early (20 to 30 minutes if it's your first time), in order to make technical adjustments as needed.

Place your computer or tablet at a distance so that the instructor can see you doing your movements.

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