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Online course

Some answers to your questions.

I'm new, can I try?

You are entitled to a free trial at any time during the session. Communicate with us in order to have the zoom link and the access code (

How do I get the zoom links when I am registered?

When you are registered for the session or the map, we will send you the zoom links every week by email.

How to register?

You can register for the session and get a discounted rate and access to videos to practice anytime during the session.  The password to join the zoom meetings will be communicated to you when you have completed your registration.

You can also come à la carte by buying 2 classes at a time and using them on the date that suits you during the session.  The price is then higher and you do not have access to pre-recorded videos.  If you choose this option, write to us at least 24 hours before the lesson  We will send you the password to access the course as soon as you have made your payment.

Payments are all made by interac transfer to the studio's email   Please see tabprices for more details.

Who can participate?

The level is open to everyone.  Several degrees of difficulty will be proposed according to your level and your physical condition.  However, if you have health problems (hernia, sprain, joint inflammation, osteoporosis or other)  some exercises might be contraindicated for you.  We invite you to be vigilant and seek the advice of your doctor if in doubt.  We will not be responsible for any injuries caused by these classes.  

Can I practice between my Tuesday sessions?

Yes, participants being registered for the session,  will have access to the recorded course during the entire session as well as pre-recorded 30-minute videos,  to practice at their convenience throughout the session.  Only registered participants will have the private links of the videos on youtube.  In addition, these videos will remain available during the period when classes are closed (Christmas holidays), until the following session.  

What happens if I miss a class?

You can have on request, the links of the recorded course and therefore resume this course at a time that suits you, offline. This recorded course will be available throughout the session.

How do you prepare to participate in the course?

For Pilates classes on the floor

Have a yoga mat, medium-sized towel, teraband rubber band, or robe belt.

It is recommended, to make the most of your lessons, to acquire Pilates accessories, such as Swiss ball, small Pilates ball, magic roller, half-roller, teraband elastic. The investment required for these items is minimal.  Contact me by email and  I will send you affordable suggestions, to make the purchase of these accessories. However, you will not need these accessories until the 2nd or 3rd week of class.

For on-machine Pilates classes

You must have a reformer device at home to participate in this class.  We recommend the devices of the companiesBalanced Body OrStott Merrithew.

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